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Netflix marketing is done with Aanpoters.

Aanpoters is the first marketing agency with exclusive beta access for advertising on Netflix. You can contact us at to start advertising on Netflix in any country. Or scroll further for more information.

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How to advertise on Netflix?

What’s the deal: Netflix offers a new subscription model to it’s users. It’s cheaper and shows commercials to the user. This is becoming a very popular choice in countries such as USA, UK, Germany, France and Canada. Now Netflix needs advertisers.

With international marketing agency Aanpoters we can get your video’s to the homes of Netflix users in every country that has this subscription model. Your ads can be shown before and during every Netflix movie, serie and documentary.

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Why advertise on Netflix? 

The benefits of advertising on Netflix:

  • Viewers are more engaged with the content than at any other platform.
  • Most people watch Netflix on the big TV screen.
  • Users choose to receive commercials.
  • Your audience is on Netflix. Almost half of the users only watches Netflix on their television screen. No oldschool TV or other streaming services.
  • Netflix marketing is good for brand awareness: you gain a big reach and awareness for your brand.
  • Netflix campaigns improve results from your other campaigns.
  • There’s no minimum budget requirement.

At Aanpoters we can also make sure you follow up your Netflix campaign with campaigns on other channels such as Google, Facebook & Instagram.

Facts about Netflix marketing

  • The Netflix subscription model with advertisement already has over 20 million users and this number is increasing rapidly as it is cracking down on illegal Netflix account sharing.
  • The commercials are frequency capped: a user will see the same ad max 3 times per day and max 14 times a week. So they don’t become annoyed.
  • Netflix ads are non-skippable en last 15 to 60 seconds. You can use the same video’s as for your YouTube campaigns. But there are more quality requirements.
  • A big part of the Netflix audience has kids. Over half of the audience is between 18 en 34 years old.

We can give you exact numbers (demographics) per country.

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How to start advertising on Netflix?

Aanpoters is the agency you go to for advertising on Netflix. These are the steps:

  1. Send an e-mail to, letting us know you want to advertise on Netflix. Send your company website.
  2. We ask exclusive access. You are placed on a waiting list. The approval process generally takes 2,5 weeks.
  3. You choose the countries and genres that fit your product or service. And decide on how many people you want to reach.
  4. You receive a cost estimation. This depends on the series you choose: the more popular, the more costly.
  5. You send over the content. We can help with the creation.
  6. Congratulations: your organization is now advertising on Netflix!

We help you set it all up. Simply send an email to or start the chat.

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